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Turkey’s politics


This scandal involves the alleged role of the MIT (Turkey’s intelligence) in the Syria Civil War. Turkish newspaper, Cumhuryiet, claimed that footage in his possession showed an intelligence operation intended to deliver weapons to Syrian rebels (including Islamic extremists). In a leaked recording of intelligence officers,  Hakan Fidan, the head of the MIT, is reportedly heard discussing the use of false flag operations to justify a Turkish involvement in the Syrian War (“legitimacy can be manufactured”) [2]


A leaked report (Turkey – The Impact of the Gulenist Movement) written by INTCEN, the EU intelligence body, claims that the 2016 failed coup was plotted by some officials (mainly in the military) that feared an eminent purge from Erdogan’s inner circle [1]. These officials might have been aware of an alleged list complied by the MIT which contained the names of “troublesome individuals”. The leaked document denies that Gulen had any role in the attempted coup, though Ankara still blames the exiled cleric.
The report claims that Gulen’s movement may appear to believe in a tolerant version of Islam, but that in reality many of its scholars are anti-Chistian and anti-Semitic.
The report also claims that the best students in Gulen’s education network are given elite lessons called ‘Houses of Light’.


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