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The State Department funded the CONTRAs despite their links with drug traffickers to fund their military operations.
Ronald Reagan would publicly refer to the CONTRAs as the moral equivalent of the American ‘Founding Fathers’, though privately he would describe them as ‘vandals’.


Erik Prince’s Blackwater won multiple contracts with the CIA to conduct special operations (like assassinating Al-Qaeda members). In 2009, then-CIA-director Leon Panetta mentioned Erik Prince’s name during a hearing with the House and Senate intelligence committees. Soon after leaks appeared in the biggest media outlets exposing Prince’s role for the CIA. Panetta’s disclosure and the media leaks combined ruined Prince’s cover as a CIA secret asset. Prince blames political insiders of the left for having deliberately exposed him [1].

Prince has compared his situation to that of the infamous Plame’s affair. In the Plame’s affair, Valerie Plame (a CIA Non-official cover agent) was exposed in 2003 by a WSJ columnist (the conservative Rober Novak) as a CIA agent thereby ruining her cover. Story goes that the leak came from an important official of the 2000-4 Bush administration; the compromising leak may have been a political revenge because Plame’s husband (Joe Wilson) had written an op-ed piece in NYT debunking Bush’s theory that Saddam Hussein had bought uranium from Niger.

Prince is a libertarian, a catholic and a strong believer in privatisation. In 2017 he will be advising the Trump administration on matters regarding intelligence and defense.

When intelligence analysts want to have a basic picture of someone, they initially rather look at the patterns rather than the content of your phone calls, online posts and so forth. This is called traffic analysis.
The 1-9-90 per cent rule: 1 % of users create discussions, 9% may participate; 90% are just lurkers.


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