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-In 2013, after the Gezi Park protests, the Turkish government formed a 6.000 internet army to defend the government on social media like Twitter.

In 2016 the ‘hacktivist’ group Redhack claimed to have released thousands of emails (worth 20 gigabytes of data) of Berat Albayrak, Turkey’s Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, also the son-in-law of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. The emails appear to show Alabyrak’s connections with Powertrans.
Powertrans is a Turkish company that in 2012 was given a transportation monopoly (road and rail) of oil from Iraqi Kurdistan.
Turkish media (especially left-wing) and opposition politicians have accused Powertrans of mixing the oil produced by Isis in Syria and reaching Turkey. After the Nov. 24, 2015 incident, the Russian Defense Ministry also accused Turkey (more specifically Erdogan’s closest associates as well) of being personally involved in the oil trade with ISIS.

-Erdogan accused the Gulen supporters of practicing taqiyya and that they are worse than Shiites in such practice. Often, when there are a lot of victims in Syria or Turkey due to big events like bombings, Erdogan remembers the victims by referring to them as ‘Our sunni citizens’.
The Shiites of Turkey are known as the ‘Jaafaris’. ‘Jaafaris’ are mostly of Azeri ethnicity. The Turkish Religious Affairs Department wants Jaafari’s mosques to be under their control. A popular AKP slogan is “there is but one mosque- minorities have criticised AKP’s sectarianism as a ‘sunnification policy’.
Some Jaafaris have been accused of spying for Iran.
-Erdogan was against the Alevi’s construction of a Cemevi at Istanbul’s Karacaahment district. Once the Cemevi was built, he described it as a ‘monstrosity’. Erdogan does not consider Cemevis as Islamic places of worship like the mosque.
Alevis drink alcohol, they worship on Thursdays rather than Fridays. Alevis doubt the existence of heaven and hell. Alevis rever Imam Ali in particular. Alevis generally vote for Turkey’s Republican Party.
Erdogan believes the good Alevis are the ‘Alevis with Ali’ rather than ‘Alevis without Ali’. Erdogan believes the ‘Alevis without Ali’ are the Alevis wrongly worshipping Ali.
The construction of a joint place of worship for Sunnis and Alevis in Ankara was rejected by Sunnis because Sunnis wouldn’t tolerate Alevis’ practice of singing and dancing.
Alevism originates from the work of 13th Century itinerant mystic Muslims.
Bektashi order.

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