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George Soros

George Soros (1930)

Quantum fund (registered in the Netherlands Antilles): an hedge fund set up by Soros for exclusive rich clients (like the Rothschild). One of the Supervisory Directors was Nils Taube (of Lord Rothschild’s St.James Capital)

-In 2017 Israeli mining magnate Beny Steinmetz sued George Soros, claiming that Soros launched a defamation campaign against Steinmetz’s BSGR Resources Ltd. Steinmetz claims that, due to Soros’ accusations of corruption (through NGOs linked to the ‘Open Society’ foundation), he lost his bid with the government of Guinea to win a contract for a mining exploration of the Simandou deposit (for iron). Steinmetz also claims that Soros’ animosity has to do with past clashes between the two over a business in Russia in the 1990s. However law enforcements in Israel have investigated BSGR’s conduct in Guinea over allegations that it paid bribes to obtain a permit for the Simandou deposit.

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