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Modest Mussorgsky

Modest Mussorgsky (1839-1881): a member of the ‘Mighty Handful’. He was deeply influenced by Balakirev nationalist ideas.
He initially began a military career, later he worked as a civil servant. He then tried to become a music professional, but alcoholism and a lack of discipline hindered his potential (many of his works are left unfinished).
According to Tchaivkosky, Mussorgsky was the most talented of the ‘Mighty Handful’. Tchaikovsky, however, believed the talent was wasted because Mussorgsky lacked intellectual  interests and lacked the will to improve his musical education, rather preferring to maintain a ‘rough’ style (‘lack of polish’ in Tchaikovsky’s words).
Rimsky-Korsakov did not appreciate Mussorgsky’s transgressions in harmony and modulation just for the sake of being defiant of Western music.

-Polka (1852)
-Salammbô (1866)
-Intermezzo symphonique in modo classico (1867)
-Night on Bald Mountain (1867)
-Boris Godunov (1873) ‘Slava tebye’, ‘Slykhal’, skorbit dusha, ‘Boris fedeorovich’, ‘o tsaryevich’, ‘otoshia obyedina’, ‘zvon’]
-Festival march from ‘Mlada’ (1873)
-Pictures at an exhibition (1874)
-Overture of The Fair at Sorochyntsi (1874)
-Khovanshchina: Dance of the Persian Slaves, Prelude -Dawn over the Moscow River (1880)
-Piano pieces: in the village; A tear (1880)

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