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Jorge Luis Borges

Jorge Luis Borges (1899-1986)

SELECTED POEMS (from the Penguin edition edited by Alexander Coleman)
YEAR’S END (1923)
Neither the symbolic detail
of a three instead of a two
nor that rough metaphor
that hails one term dying and another emerging
nor the fulfillment of an astronomical process
muddle and undermine
the high plateau of this night
making us wait
for the twelve irreparable strokes of the bell
The real cause is our murky pervasive suspicion
of the enigma of Time,
it is our awe at the miracle
that, though the chances are infinite
and though we are drops in Heraclitus’ river [las gotas del rio de Heraclito),
allows something in us to endure,
never moving”


-Anthology: Ficciones
-The story of Ireneo Funes who, after a head injury suffered by falling off a horse, somehow gains a prodigious memory. Funes is capable of remembering every single detail of each day, but at the same time loses the ability to make generalisations and to make any sense of his memories.

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