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Sergei Paradjanov


Sergei Paradjanov (1924-1990): Soviet director of Armenian origins that had a troubled artistic career due to the accusations by Soviet critics of not adhering to ‘social realism’. From 1973 to 1977 he was imprisoned in a gulag.

-A story of the Hutsul people in the Carpathian mountains.
The movie makes large use of hand-held shooting, giving a glimpse of the dynamic lifestyle of these nomads.
The movie also contains surreal scenes (like the one portraying the death of the main character) to give us the perspective of the spiritual and folkloristic beliefs of the Hutsul.
The movies make use of different colours (white/black, quasi-seppia) throughout the movie.

The Color of Pomegranates (1969)
-A movie on the Armenian poet Sayat-Nova. The movie is not a reconstruction of Sayat-Nova’s life, but a surreal-oniric-pictoresque vision of Sayat Nova inner emotions. The movie, like Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors, is divided into separate episodes of the main character’s life. The movie makes heavy use of the ‘tableau vivant’: scenes where characters seem to be in a sort of ‘painting’ in motion.

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